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Why Is Thor Fat in 'Avengers: Endgame?' – Distractify

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Not only did Thor lose his brother Loki to Thanos’ wrath, but he also watched his people get slaughtered by Hela and Thanos. Fast forward, and Thor is struggling with PTSD and has turned to drinking. 

While his grief is serious, many fans are upset that Thor’s pain was characterized in a joking matter, like one character telling him to eat a salad, or showing Chris Hemsworth shirtless to remind audiences he no longer has his six-pack abs. 

As one upset viewer described on Twitter, “Talking about #AvengersEndgame, this is the only thing I’ll say about, because I want my friends to know this and not end up surrounded by hundreds of people roaring in laughter at them: a character gains weight due to PTSD. It’s a complete and utter joke repeated several times… My wife put it well: ‘I thought Marvel were above this”. They aren’t.'” 

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