Preparation for Running a Shoe Washing Business

Preparation for Running a Shoe Washing Business

If the business of washing clothes or laundry services are widely available in the vicinity of your residence, then it never hurts to specialize by opening shoes washing business or laundry shoes. Then the question is how to start a shoe washing business? Actually, opening a shoe washing service is not much different from clothes washing service. But for more details, see some of the information below.

Although shoe washing services are almost the same as clothes washing services, there are a number of different things, such as the type of washing machine used and the detergent. For a detailed description, just refer to the following tips for a successful pioneering shoe washing business:

1. Analyze business prospects

Before deciding to start a shoe washing service business, you should first do a simple analysis to find out if the business currently has good prospects in your area. Indeed, to obtain accurate data, business prospect analysis is usually done in various ways, ranging from collecting data, conducting surveys in the field, and collecting data with other methods.

But as a beginner businessman with the ability and capital that may be limited, then the easiest way you can do is by direct observation and observation around your place of residence. Shoe laundry customers are usually students, students, office workers, and other professions who intensively use shoes. If there are quite a lot of them in your area of ​​residence, then you can draw the conclusion that the shoe washing service business is quite potential.

2. Preparation of business equipment

If you have done an analysis of the prospects for the shoe washing business in your neighborhood, and the business opportunity is good enough to start, then the next step is preparation. You need to prepare a place of business, equipment, and equipment needed.

For starters, for a place of business, you can utilize parts of your own home. The area of ​​business space needed includes a place for washing machines, a place for drying or drying, a shelf or shoe cabinet, as well as a place for storing business equipment such as detergents, deodorizers, and others.

3. Determine the purchase of a washing machine

The washing machine needed to wash shoes is a special washing machine, which is a shoes laundry machine, which is different from washing machines in general. The price of a shoe washer is quite varied, ranging from 2 million to above 5 million, depending on the features and capacity. You should buy a shoe washing machine that has dryer or dryer facilities so that the job completion process becomes faster.

4. Prepare equipment and equipment for washing shoes

Other equipment that must be prepared to run a shoe washing business are detergents and deodorizers. In washing shoes, there are three types of workmanship, namely the process of wet clean, dry clean, and wet & dry. In the process of wet cleaning or wet washing, it takes several chemicals such as anti-bacterial ls, surfactants, cleaners, neutralizer ss, solvent perfume, and water (first chemical).

While in the process of dry cleaning or dry cleaning, the chemicals needed are shoe sceaner (main chemical), anti-bacterial ls, neutralizer s ls, and solvent perfume. Whereas the wet & dry process requires equipment in the form of fine brushes, rough brushes, brushes, microfiber cloths, rubber erasers, suede sponges, and spray bottles.

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