Are you looking for the best golf clubs?

Are you looking for the best golf clubs?

Once you begin to play golf, it is certain that you’ll be hooked and want to perform in a better way. You will try your best to play better. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the best golf clubs to achieve better results. It is because your better result depends on your level of skill, swing and sports equipment you used. In the beginning, nobody knows which is the best golf club and which is the worst. No new clubs are going to make you the best golfer overnight but someday you will solidify your swing, you will learn how to hit from different lies as well as you will learn how to make club selections, and which types of golf clubs are fit for you.

Every golf club manufacturer companies try their best to produce one of the best clubs and they wish may their production fit for every golfer. Each model in a series of golf clubs is made using the same materials and technology by the particular manufacturer therefore, there are no questions of worst and best golf clubs. In my lonely opinion, is the best golf club are those which are perfectly fit for you, moreover, there is no compulsion to be your choice the same golf clubs which are choices of the others. Every golfer has own different choices, it is because every golfer and every swing are different. Your choices depend on your level of skill and swing. But it is common in our society that we are tempted to simply buy what everyone else seems to be buying. It is obvious that without having the best knowledge regarding what types of golf clubs are available and what the specific use of each club is, you cannot select is the best golf club.  You cannot greatly improve your game unless you know the proper use of golf clubs. The selection of the right type of golf clubs makes the learning process quicker and easier. 

         However, there are no questions of worst and best golf clubs, it is important to mind that the new golf clubs have better accuracy and length than older clubs due to the development of the latest technologies. Some excellent brand names of golf clubs are as follows:

  • Titleist.
  • Adams.
  • King Cobra.
  • Wilson.
  • Callaway.
  • Yonex.
  • Png.
  • TaylorMade.
  • Spaulding.

To choose the best golf clubs it is important to know the types of golf clubs. These are as follows:

  • Woods – It has large heads spherical in shape with a slightly bulging clubface and a flattened bottom that slides over the ground without digging in during the stroke. It is used for long-distance shots. Woods are so-called because traditionally they had a club that was made from hardwood but in the current age, it has made from metal.
  • Iron –     An iron is a type of club used to propel the ball towards the hole in the golf game. It has shorter shafts and smaller clubheads than woods. Its head is made of solid iron or steel. Once a golfer carries up 14 clubs in his or her bag. Among them, there may contain 7 to 11 irons including wedges. Irons are used in different situations such as to extract the ball from all kinds of hazards, to shot the golf balls from the teeing ground on shorter holes, and to shot the golf balls from the fairway or rough as the player approaches the green.

(i)  Wedge-It is a subset of an iron family. This type of club is used in a special situation. It is used in making accurate short-distance “lob” shots, just like to get the ball onto the green or out of a hazard or other tricky spot. Wedges are of many kinds, these are as follows:

  • Pitching wedge – It is used to shot with a higher and shorter trajectory.
  • Sand wedge – It is used to hit the ball from a green-side bunker for getting out of sand bunkers.
  • Lob wedge – It is the shortest-hitting clubs and providing the most loft on a shot. It is used to produce shots with a very high arc and mostly used for shots over hazards and other obstructions.
  • Gap wedge – It is used to hit a shot with a higher and shorter trajectory than a pitching wedge and lower and longer trajectory than a sand wedge.  Usually, it fills the gap between sand wedges and pitching wedges, maybe, therefore, it is called gap wedge.
  • Putter –  A putter is a kind of club used to strokes in short and low-speed with the intention of rolling the ball into the hole from a short distance away. It has a flat, low – loft striking face, bent shafts, and non – circular grips.
  •  Hybrid – A hybrid club is a kind of club that is designed newly with the combination characteristics of woods and irons clubs. This type of club is used for better swing and distance.

According to the rules of golf each player to a maximum of 14 clubs in their bag. Furthermore, the rules of the golf prohibit to share of clubs between players, so it is a compulsion to buy golf club sets. Therefore, do not focus on its price, always focus on its quality while purchasing golf clubs. Satisfaction must be your priority, not its price. So, I always suggest you buy is the best golf club from well-known brand companies not the cheapest one from unknown companies. I have mentioned above some well-known brands of golf clubs manufacturing companies and types of golf clubs to be used. Hopefully, this will help you to choose the best golf clubs.

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