The devices, kits, tools, or equipment such as balls, bats, rackets, skis, skates, etc. and protection related equipment such as gloves, helmet, gumshield, masks, padding, headgear, etc. used in the particular sports are called sports equipment. They are different in name, shape, and size between each other according to the different games or sports. They (sports equipment) are necessary for engaging any kind of sports. Sports equipment can be found in any sports store.


Sports equipment related to badminton and the game of golf are given below:

Badminton equipment       –        The following sports equipment is used in the game of badminton.        

  • Badminton racket     –        Rackets are available in several different types. The materials, weight, string tension, and grip, etc. depend on the quality you chose because it differs according to their quality. Some popular brands are Li-Ning, Wilson, ProTech, ProKennes, and Yonex, you can choose from them.
  • Shuttlecock/Badminton birdie      –        There are two types of shuttlecocks, one is plastic and another is feathered shuttlecocks. Feathered shuttlecocks are more expensive than plastic but feathered shuttlecocks are less durable in comparison to plastic shuttlecocks.
  • Badminton net    –        There are several kinds of badminton net in the sports store. Most badminton nets are light in weight and portable because of it you can carry wherever you wish to. But some badminton nets can be used in volleyball, soccer, and tennis too. It is wiser to buy a multipurpose net because it can save money.
  • Badminton shoes      –        Shoes should be light in weight and should have well cushioning to absorb impact when you jump or land. They are designed to provide players better grip and traction so as to be able to stop in time to return a shot.
  • Badminton attire      – Comfortable pairs of shorts and cotton T-shirts are enough for the non-competitive players. You can buy hand grips for a strong grip, wrist bands to avoid sweat drop and ankle guards to prevent the ankle from twisting.

Golf equipment     –        The following sports equipment is used in the game of golf.

Golf clubs       –        It is necessary to choose the best golf clubs to achieve better results. Every golf club manufacturer companies try their best to produce one of the best clubs and they wish may their production fit for every golfer. You have to learn how to make club selection and which types of golf clubs are fit for you. It is obvious that without having the best knowledge regarding what types of golf clubs are available and what the specific use of each club is, you cannot select the best golf clubs. The selection of the right type of golf clubs makes the learning process quicker and easier. Some excellent brand names of golf clubs are Titleist, Adams, King Cobra, Wilson, Callaway, Yonex, TaylorMade, and Spaulding.

There are several kinds of golf clubs which are equally important and need altogether in each game of golf. These are as follows:

  • Woods     –        It has large heads spherical in shape with a slightly bulging clubface and a flattened bottom that slides over the ground without digging in during the stroke. It is used for long-distance shots. Woods are so-called because traditionally they had a club that was made from hardwood but in the current age, it has made from metal.
  • Iron        –       An iron is a type of club used to propel the ball towards the hole in the golf game. It has shorter shafts and smaller clubheads than woods. Its head is made of solid iron or steel. Once a golfer carries up 14 clubs in his or her bag. Among them, there may contain 7 to 11 irons including wedges. Irons are used in different situations such as to extract the ball from all kinds of hazards, to shot the golf balls from the teeing ground on shorter holes and to shot the golf balls from the fairway or rough as the player approaches the green.
  • Wedge-It is a subset of iron family. This type of club is used in a special situation. It is used in making accurate short-distance “lob” shots, just like to get the ball onto the green or out of a hazard or other tricky spot. Wedges are of many kinds, these are as follows:
  • Pitching wedge – It is used to shot with a higher and shorter trajectory.
  • Sand wedge – It is used to hit the ball from a green-side bunker for getting out of sand bunkers.
  • Lob wedge – It is the shortest-hitting clubs and providing the most loft on a shot. It is used to produce shots with a very high arc and mostly used for shots over hazards and other obstructions.
  • Gap wedge – It is used to hit a shot with a higher and shorter trajectory than a pitching wedge and lower and longer trajectory than a sand wedge.  Usually, it fills the gap between sand wedges and pitching wedges, maybe, therefore, it is called gap wedge.
  • Putter      –        A putter is a kind of club used to strokes in short and low-speed with the intention of rolling the ball into the hole from a short distance away. It has a flat, low – loft striking face, bent shafts, and non – circular grips.
  • Hybrid      –        A hybrid club is a kind of club that is designed newly with the combination characteristics of woods and irons clubs. This type of club is used for better swing and distance.

Golf ball     –        is made up of mostly plastic and rubber materials and they are usually white in color, but nowadays they are available in other high visibility colors too, which makes it easy to find lost balls, and easy to play while low-light or frosty conditions are present as well. Moreover, most golf balls have about 250 – 500 dimples with an average depth of about 0.010 inches in a symmetrical pattern on it, but there is no any specific quantity of dimples because some golf balls have more than 1000 dimples too. The dimples reduce drag and create lift. It works as wings. 

Golf balls are divided into main two categories:

  • Recreational balls    –        This type of golf balls is made especially for the ordinary golfer, who has a low swing with a speed of 80 – 130 km/h. These types of balls are made of two layers, with the cover firmer than the core. It has lower prices than the advanced balls.
  • Advanced balls       –        This type of golf balls is made especially for the strong golfer. They are made of multiple layers, it means 3 or more layers, with a soft cover and firm core. Because of it, they induce a greater amount of spin from lofted shots. However, these balls require a much greater swing speed to acquire the expected result. Therefore, only the physically strong players could carry out to compress at impact. Mismatching the golfer’s swing with the category of balls causes loss of distance. This type of golf balls is more expensive than recreational golf balls.

Although golf balls are divided into two categories there are many types of golf balls some are as follows:

  • Practice or range balls       –       It is similar to a recreational golf ball. It is harder-cored golf balls than recreational golf balls, but it is durable and has shorter flight distance. It is legal to play the practice golf balls played on the golf course.
  • Recycled balls       –        This type of golf balls is especially for novice players because there are more chances to lose a large number of golf balls during the play. Recycled golf balls are found in-retailer at a discount rate. It is cheaper than the new golf balls.
  • Mark-outs/X-outs golf balls          –        Actually these are new balls, but they have failed to meet the manufacturer’s required quality on testing, the manufacturer, therefore, doesn’t want to sell under its brand’s name, but to avoid a loss of investment on its production, packaging in normal boxes and sell them at a deep discount.

Golf bags          –        There are typically 6 types of golf bags. They are of different main characteristics. You can choose them and buy knowing about their pros and cons. These areas mentioned below:

  • Stand bags        –        Stand bags have two retractable legs that hold the bag upright. Stand bag has more storage rooms for storing golf equipment such as golf clubs, golf balls, tees, etc. than ordinary carry bags and it is a lightweight bag. Maybe, therefore, there is more demand for this kind of golf bag than others.
  • Carry bags        –        They are typically designed to be carried by the golfer itself or by his or her assistant while on the course. This type of golf bag may have single or dual shoulder straps and it is a kind of lightweight golf bag. This made the golf players easier to transport the required golf equipment such as golf clubs, golf balls, and tees, etc. throughout the game of golf.
  • Sunday bags      –        This type of bag have very lightweight of at around 1 – 1.5 lbs, and it has flexibility. It can be folded if required while storing somewhere without golf clubs. It has several segregated pockets for the clubs, balls, tees, drinks and stands legs, etc., but It has not enough place to carry an entire set of golf clubs, only 8-10 golf clubs can be carried at a time.
  • Cart bags – It is a kind of golf bag that requires a hand or power cart to take around the golf course. It has a strap too, with which you can sling the bag over your sling. Cart bags are not able to stand on an uneven surface it needs a smooth and flat surface.     
  • Staff bags –        Staff bags are generally of the same or larger and heavier than cart bags in size. It has a single shoulder strap to carry the bag. It has a large compartment for carrying golf equipment and essential spare clothes, this may require during the play. Staff bags are generally carried by personal caddies or other assistants to professional or high-level amateur players. Most of the staff bags prominently display brand logos on it.
  • Travel bags       –        Travel bags are generally used by amateur golf players such as business executives, touring players, etc. because it is specially designed for the travel, so as to be able to protect golf equipment such as golf clubs, golf balls, tees, etc. from theft and make the bag suitable for checked airline luggage. 
  • Hybrid golf bags –        This kind of bag is a fusion of stand golf bags and cart golf bags. It is fully waterproof. It is very easy to carry because it can be carried either over the shoulder or on a trolley.

Golf shoes                  –        Golf shoes are also considered as the most important “game improvement” tools, without which no golfers can feel comfortable and safe. Golf is a kind of game in which players must keep walking, standing in an uneven surface and they have to face different kinds of challenges such as sand, wet grass, woods, raining, mud, etc. Therefore, golfers need to wear any special kind of shoes. They are designed to keep golfer’s feet balance from sliding around during the golf swing. Golf shoes are maybe spike-less or with spikes attached to the sole of shoes. The spikes are usually made of metal or plastic. Spikes are also called cleats made of plastic are soft and metallic spikes are a little bit uncomfortable to use. The aim of designing spikes or cleats is to increase traction so as to help the player to keep his or her balance during the swing on greens, or in wet conditions.

In general, types of golf shoes are as follows:

  • Spiked or cleated golf shoes– It features actual cleats on the outsole and made of soft plastic. It offers comfort, breathability, stylish and water resistance. It is useful in the wet and soft golf course conditions, which provides better stability when you are swinging.
  • Spikeless golf shoes – It features a flat outsole with rubber nubs or dimples which works as spikes. You can walk throughout the 18th holes without any problems, and spikeless golf shoes don’t damage the floor of the green too. It is lighter than spiked or cleated golf shoes. 
  • Golf boot – It is also a different kind of specific golf footwear made of water-proof materials and more breathable. It is a little bit heavier and expensive in comparison to other golf shoes. It is good to use in cold weather areas or in the winter season. 
  • Golf sandal – It is specially designed for the hot climate area golfing. It features adjustable Velcro fit straps. Its outsole provides turf gripping performance and longevity. The open and toeless design made it breathable. It can be found at a cheaper rate in comparison to most golf shoes. It is a little bit uncomfortable, it offers limited resistance and less lateral support. 

Mostly, this kind of material for the golf shoes mentioned below are used, to provide comfort, stability, waterproofing, durability and guarantees the customer’s satisfaction as well.

  • Leather    –        Leather is used in some golf shoes is more breathable, more useful in the summer golfing but it is a little bit more expensive in comparison to other golf shoes. It offers a long waterproof guarantee too.
  • Waterproof linings       –        It is water-resistant material, breathable, warmer than leather and useful for winter play.
  • Synthetic –        Synthetic is lighter, thinner and cheaper in price than leather but there is no doubt in providing full comfort and breathability.
  • Metal spikes      –        Metal spikes are not good because it tears up greens and worsens the fairways. Under the golf rules, golfers may not repair spike marks on the green. Metal spikes cause discomfort on the hard ground to the golfers. The use of metal spikes is prohibited in many golf courses.
  • Plastic spikes     –        Plastic spikes are very soft, safe and comfortable to use. It has a lightweight and there are only little chances to tear up golf greens.

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