Tips on cleaning shoe stains

Tips on cleaning shoe stains

Usually, there are some consumer shoes that are affected by stubborn shoe stains that cannot be cleaned with ordinary detergents. A chemical liquid is needed to restore the color of the shoes and the gloss. You as a prospective shoe laundry businessman need to learn to clean shoes with extra equipment. Check out the following steps:

  • The first process is Chemicals Identification, i.e. you must be able to recognize the type of media or parts of the shoe material to be cleaned. Inappropriate use of chemicals will actually make the color or material of the shoes become damaged. If you are still inexperienced, then you can do a trial using cotton buds first. If safe or no reactions that damage the color or material of the shoe, then you can continue to use gradually.
  • The second process is Tools Identification, which identifies what type of equipment is most suitable for cleaning shoe materials. For example, you may not use a rough brush on the surface of a hairy shoe, and so on. At the tools identification stage, you must be careful in determining which shoe media can use the brush group.
  • The third process is the main processor main process in the form of the dry clean method, wet clean method, and wet & dry method.
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This shoe washing business is one of the long term businesses. This means that this business will never die as long as people’s needs for shoes are increasing. How, you are interested to try it?

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