Looking for a Reliable Supplier, Use These Resources and Tips

Looking for a Reliable Supplier, Use These Resources and Tips

There are four levels in the distribution chain of goods namely producers, importers or Master Distributors (MD), Distributors and Resellers or Dropshipper. If you decide to do business, surely you are looking for a reliable supplier with the lowest price right? Therefore you should look for suppliers directly to the producer to get the lowest prices. But there is no harm in also making the importer or MD as a reliable supplier. In finding suppliers for business it is fairly easy and difficult.

You not only have to focus on pricing but also answer the question of whether the supplier is right and reliable? Then you should first research the reliable supplier’s choice. This also helps you to ensure consumers will get a quality product. For your consideration, the following Journal provides several resources and tips that can be used as a reference when searching for the best supplier for your business.

Source of Getting Supplier

1. Visit an industrial center or bazaar

The first way that can be taken is to go directly to the industrial center or business bazaar. Visiting a supplier directly to the production location or sales location will provide you with several benefits. Besides you can see all the production processes, you can also immediately see and choose the quality of the products you want to sell again.

You can directly see the owner, thereby reducing the risk of loss. Plus it can build intimacy so that trust will arise on both sides. And it is not impossible that the price given to you can be lower.

Another option is to diligently visit the business bazaar. In this bazaar, many other businesses will introduce their products in the hope that a partnership will form. This is a golden opportunity for you to build networks and relationships, cooperation, and insights. Since there are many participants, you will have many choices and of course, find the cheapest supplier.

2. Through a website or online shop

If you have not found the right supplier around you or may not want to bother traveling to find a supplier, you can visit the official website or online shop supplier that you have sought. Or if you don’t yet have a list of suppliers who will look for official information, you can first search the virtual world using search sites or social media. Enter a variety of keywords that allow you to get many choices.

3. Through the marketplace

Besides on various social media, now online shops can also be found in the marketplace. Shopping in the marketplace is usually more profitable because this is where many traders, resellers, drop-shippers, wholesalers, distributors, first-hand or importers gather. Marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, Blibli, Lazada, Bhinneka, and Elevania which are famous in Indonesia can be a place to find suppliers.

You can check directly one by one of the product providers in the marketplace to be a supplier. By comparing prices and looking at descriptions of each product, you will most likely be able to get the cheapest or a quality product.

4. Through business forums or online communities

Another source for getting suppliers is an online business forum. In online forums like Kaskus, Bersosial.com, and others you can search by asking questions or following other member threads. In forums like this, there are just other members who will provide information about products, suppliers or other business info. You can also join online communities that focus on business to get the flow of information easily.

5. Through the price comparison website

If you focus on the lowest price provided by the supplier, you can use a price comparison website. There are several websites that can be used like telunjuk.com, pricearea.com, priceza.co.ic, priceprice.com, pricebook.com and so on. You do this by entering the type of product, then the website will provide a variety of store references with varying prices.

Then just choose which one suits you. Usually, the prices compared only come from official brands in the official marketplace as well. So merchants who make their own online stores are usually not on the price list presented.

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