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Photos, Video: Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Was Super Awesome – Gothamist

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Moon worshippers and everyone who was cleansing their crystals all over the world were mesmerized by the super blood wolf moon eclipse. Professional photographers shared images showing the moon’s surface bathed in an orangey-red glow, amateurs took blurry pictures trying to capture the magic—it was all glorious:

This is the only total lunar eclipse that will be visible in 2019, according to NASA. The agency also explained that the super descriptor is because the moon “will be closest to Earth in its orbit during the full moon” and blood is “because the total lunar eclipse will turn the moon a reddish hue.” The wolf part is for January’s full moon.

Here’s NASA’s description of why it’s a “blood” moon:

As the Moon moves completely into the umbra, something interesting happens: The Moon begins to turn reddish-orange. The reason for this phenomenon? Earth’s atmosphere. As sunlight passes through it, the small molecules that make up our atmosphere scatter blue light, which is why the sky appears blue. This leaves behind mostly red light that bends, or refracts, into Earth’s shadow. We can see the red light during an eclipse as it falls onto the Moon in Earth’s shadow. This same effect is what gives sunrises and sunsets a reddish-orange color.

Some moon gazers braved the elements: A pair of “veteran astrophotographers” outside of Boston told Space.com, “We’re out observing despite the wind and [temperature] of only 6 degrees… We’re standing on a half-inch of ice.” The Amateur Astronomers Association of New York met at Lincoln Center as planned, sprawling on the plaza to see the event:

Others just ducked out to a sidewalk to catch a glimpse, while some stayed inside, craning their necks to see if they could see the eclipse. Here are some video of the eclipse, from NYC, the Hudson Valley, and the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles:

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