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NFL Draft 2019: The best- and worst-dressed players selected in the first round – CBS Sports

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The NFL Draft is of course about the fans and their respective teams making selection. It’s also about players achieving a lifelong goal. And when you’re achieving a lifelong goal, you have to dress to impress. On Thursday night in Nashville, Tennessee, we witnessed a lot of different looks, as players made their way to the stage to get photos snapped with Roger Goodell.

Some were clean, some were eccentric, some were just plain bad. But all of them were unique. Like everything they do, we must mercilessly judge these players. So, without further ado, here are some of the cleanest, best, and worst looks we saw on draft night.


Quinnen Williams: No. 3, New York Jets


Williams just went with a single color palette, and sure he kind of looks like he just came out of a concrete mixer, but you have to appreciate the simplicity. He’s not trying to do too much, He’s just got a simple outfit going. That’s a solid choice, and hey, grey is a good color on him. Go with what you know.

Devin White: No. 5, Tampa Bay Buccaneers



White was a bit different from Williams in that he went with an accent, and it worked. Three-piece suit, white undershirt, pink tie for some pop. Boom, brush yourself off and call it a day.

Daniel Jones: No. 6, New York Giants



Same story as White. No matter what you think about the pick itself, Jones dressed up for it. Also, that is a delightfully awkward photo of him waving.

Ed Oliver: No. 9, Buffalo Bills



Oliver wants you to think he just got drafted to Wall Street, and he looks the part. Pinstripe three-piece suit, pocket square, dark tie to go with it. You’ve gotta respect it.

Noah Fant: No. 20, Denver Broncos



The 20th overall pick went with a bow tie, which is DEFINITELY a choice. But it’s a simple, elegant look otherwise, and it turned out looking pretty clean and different.


Kyler Murray: No. 1,  Arizona Cardinals



Murray’s suit, which was apparently inspired by “The Great Gatsby,” sent a clear message: He’s out here to win games and build a brand. The suit, which was emblazoned with “More than an athlete” on the inside, definitely signaled a big arrival to the NFL for Murray. All of the buzz around him paid off and he was the No. 1 overall pick, but it raises a question: What if he’d slid wearing that?

Christian Wilkins: No. 13, Miami Dolphins



Christian Wilkins looks like he cut up a Saints color rush jersey and made a suit out of it that should not have ostensibly worked but this looks… good? He even wore his Clemson national championship ring. Also, his and Goodell’s jumps on stage really put this thing to the test, but it’s apparently practical too.

Josh Jacobs: No. 24, Oakland Raiders



Now you might be (correctly) wondering: “why is Jacobs on this list? He didn’t wear anything that outlandish.” And to that I ask you: “WHAT ARE THOSE?!”



What’s crazier than a crazy suit? Wearing a relatively toned-down suit and wearing STUDDED. SHOES. There’s a good chance the Raiders weren’t even going to draft Murray, but the ghost of Al Davis swooped down and told Jon Gruden “look at the studs. He must play in the Black Hole.”


Devin Bush: No. 10, Pittsburgh Steelers



Look, it’s your night, who the hell am I to tell you what to wear? But Devin Bush, goodness gracious, what is that? That’s almost too ’90s for the ’90s. He looks like he has a satchel sewn into the suit. He looks like he’s wearing a sling. He looks like his tailor doesn’t know where to put a belt. It’s just a lot going on.

DeAndre Baker: No. 30, New York Giants





I’l probably get yelled at for this for being boring, and you know what? So be it. This guy just got drafted into the city with 5th Avenue, what could possibly go wrong? I just hope someone walked up to Baker and went “Hey, where’d you get your suit from?” Again, you deserve to wear what you want, but jeez.

T.J. Hockenson: No. 8, Detroit Lions



You might be wondering why I’ve brought you here to Hockenson’s wardrobe. He looks perfectly fine! He’s even got that Iowa pride color scheme going on. But this photo DOES NOT TELL THE FULL STORY.





Josh Allen:No. 7, Jacksonville Jaguars

Somehow, Josh Allen fell to No. 7, and the Jaguars got a package deal.



Allen brought his son on stage for easily the most adorable moment of the night, but can he get to the quarterback too?

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