Home Entertainment Mister Rogers gets sexy in booty shorts with Halloween costume. Consider childhood ruined – USA TODAY

Mister Rogers gets sexy in booty shorts with Halloween costume. Consider childhood ruined – USA TODAY

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The year of Mister Rogers with the Tom Hanks movie approaching and a new biography out is bound to spawn Halloween costumes.

This, though, barely qualifies as costume.

Yandy’s “Nicest Neighbor Costume” with a nod to Mister Rogers’ red sweater is a mere suggestion, and the woman modeling the costume is wearing booty shorts!  The costume sells for $59.95.  

You might miss it is a Mister Rogers costume if it weren’t for the photo of her holding up his puppet helpers, King Friday XIII and Henrietta Pussycat. 

Of all that is good and decent, why go messing into the fuzzy warm memories of childhood to taint them?

Well, the company likes to titillate and push the boundaries of good taste.

“Every year a number of our costumes end up on a “What Not To Wear” or “Costumes That Shouldn’t Have Been Made” type of list,” Yandy.com copywriter Allyson Ayala wrote in a blog. “So we’re just going to do you all a favor and create the compiled list ourselves.” 

Last year, Yandy sparked outrage when it debuted a “Handmaid’s Tale” costume that it later pulled. 

But the company is back at it again this year, taking on our most recognizable childhood icons, including Buzz Lightyear and the late TV painter Bob Ross.

“The Happy Tree Painter” with Ross’ afro wig, a shoulder squirrel, paint pallet and paint-stained blue scoop neck and booty shorts sells for $69.95.

The “To Infinity Space Ranger” costume includes a bra top, reflective glasses, a space suit backpack, fingerless gloves, and of course, a high-cut booty short for $68.99.

Have a problem with that or anyone other costume? Yandy takes a devil may care attitude.

It says of the adaption on the Buzz Lightyear costume: “Oops, did we ruin your childhood again? We think you’ll be ok. And if not…you’re a sad, strange little person. And you have our pity.” 


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