The simple meaning of lifestyle is the way of living of individuals, families, and societies. Moreover, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of lifestyle is someone’s way of living, the things that a person or particular group of people usually do. According to Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler “Lifestyle is a person’s basic character which is established early in childhood”. Simply you can understand lifestyle is the way or a style in which a person lives. Therefore, the fundamental components of lifestyle are someone’s interests, opinions, and attitudes and someone’s lifestyle depends upon such components. Suppose, a person who buys clothes, furniture, cars, paints, homes, etc. according to his or her choices or interests, comments, express, and argues with someone according to his opinions, and lastly, acts according to his or her attitudes. Bear in mind that, someone’s action or behavior is the reflection of someone’s attitude.


There are many kinds of lifestyle based on someone’s interests, opinions and attitudes. Some of them are as the following:

  • Creative lifestyle     –        Creative lifestyle is such kind of lifestyle of someone who is interested in imagining things and convert it into reality, such as a writer who writes down on the paper his imagination, an artist who arts on the canvas his imagination, a choreographer who reflects his imagination in dancing, a musician who reflects his or her imagination through music, and architecture who delivers his imagination through his construction. The people who have creative interests, their satisfaction comes from the process of creation.
  • Provider lifestyle     –        First of all, the actual meaning of provider is supplier, donor, giver, and contributor, etc. And such kind of lifestyle of a person is called provider lifestyle who gets great satisfaction making other people happy, providing or offering something important just like food to hunger, medicine to sick people, help to helpless people and guidance to misguided people. They focus fully on such a particular subject which makes other people really happy. They are keenly interested to maintain happiness, a stable and calm home, and an office environment. If any dispute arouses, they play the role of mediator to provide peace and calm situations. The provider always plays the role of a donor or contributor.
  • Adventurer lifestyle  –        The meaning of adventure is brave or daredevil and adventurer means a person who enjoys or seeks adventure. Furthermore, the adventurers are those people who love to dangerous, exciting experiences. They always prefer to do voluntarily such kinds of jobs or tasks which are actually other people do not want to do because of riskiness or dangerousness.  They feel boring to get stuck in routine work. They are brave, curious, and they do not afraid of trying new things. Skiing, Sky-diving, Swimming, Paragliding, Mountaineering, Travelling, Rafting, and Rock climbing, etc. are their common choices. Adventurer lifestylist gets great satisfaction from these kinds of activities.
  • Socialite lifestyle     –        The meaning of social is a group, public or a community or relating to society or its organization. And the meaning of socialite is a person who is fond of social activities and entertainment or a socially prominent person. A socialite is a person usually from a privileged, and rich family ground, who plays a significant role in high society. These types of people who have a socialite lifestyle spend most of their time in social gatherings.
  • Bohemian lifestyle   –        The meaning of bohemian is unconventional person, unorthodox, unusual, bizarre, artist, uncustomary, and out of ordinary, etc. Those people who are bohemian lifestylist get satisfaction in being free. They are independent-minded people. They get actually unhappy when they are forcibly kept in a disciplined way. They would prefer to experience and share emotional connections with others, so they like group activities, just like musical festivals, camping, road trips or the beach with a group of friends.
  • Activist lifestyle       –        An activist is a person who acts to bring changes politically or socially. The activist, who must have the reason to believe in and must have the reason, why they are fighting. The activists have a very deep emotional response to injustice, inequality, needs, rights, and wrongdoings. They get satisfaction when they get chances to deliver speeches in front of the mass, they get satisfaction when they get chances to fight for injustice, inequality, needs, rights, and wrongdoings.
  • Academic lifestyle    –        Academic lifestylist get satisfaction from reading, writing, and sharing of ideas. They feel uncomfortable in large social gathering so they prefer to stay at home with a good book instead of spending precious time in such kind of social gathering. But they obviously prefer to attend academic classes and conferences, where different academic ideas, knowledge as well as understandings are shared.
  • Corporate lifestyle   – Corporate lifestylists believe in group work. They will be unhappy if others bring disharmony and conflict to the group. They would like to build the strongest and durable friendship and they usually have a group of close friends.  They prefer to organize any kind of event in the group, they celebrate holidays also in a group because they do not like to do things alone.
  • Niggard lifestyle      –        Niggard means a selfish person who is unwilling to give and spend. These kinds of people stay always in misery. Although these kinds of people are wealthy, they are unable to spend enough money, it resulted in a scarcity of everything. They do not want to buy new clothes, they do not want to spend for the ugliest reason.

Nature lover  –        The nature lover is someone who finds their satisfaction in the beauty of nature. They actually love plants, animals, insects, trees, clouds, shells, and rocks.  

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