A lifestyle store is a retail store where different varieties of products for example clothes, house accessories, furniture, gifts, toys, stationaries, electrical items, etc. under a single brand are sold. The major goal of the lifestyle store brand is to offer satisfaction as well as motivate the consumers according to their aspirations, interests, opinions, or attitudes of a group or a culture for the purposes of marketing.


A brand is a unique feature, it may be a name, or symbol, with the help of this feature, name, or symbol, customers can easily distinguish a company or a product among others. The brand creates a positive impression of the product or a company in the eyes of the customer.


Branding is the vital element to promote any type of product, or business without which no businessmen, or producers, or a company can achieve their goals efficiently. It is the only key element to inspire and motivate people. So, nowadays it has become very important to branding in the competitive market. Therefore, it is mandatory to achieve basic knowledge about how the product or a company is branded. The basic key elements of branding are as mentioned below:

  • Logo   –        Logo is a visual trademark of a company or a product. It can be an image, or letter, or a combination of images and letters. It is a very important element of a brand identity. Seeing its logo on the body of car, even it is moving on the road, people can easily distinguish, which company’s car actually is. The best example is the image of the bitten apple, this is the well-known apple mobile brand or computer. Everybody can identify apple branded mobile or computer by seeing printed images of a bitten apple on it.
  • Name –        Name of the company or products.
  • Shape and size-      The unique shape and size of the products, you can see the twisted bottles of coca-cola drink.
  • Colour –        The unique and particular color is used for instant recognition.
  • Sounds –      Unique or distinctive sounds can be used.
  • Tastes –        The food’s taste, such as KFC. It has trademarked KFC’s special recipe of 11 herbs and spices for the fried chicken, which cannot be used by other companies.
  • Scent  –        Distinctive scents are used in different cosmetic types products.


The brand is a whole identity of a product, the identity of a company, or the identity of the individual. Branding is denoted by logo design so that consumers can easily identify the products which the brand actually is. Branding makes deep sense therefore entire industries pay their whole dedication to its invention, discovery, and promotion.

Here are some important things as mentioned below for creating a better lifestyle brand:

  • Know your customers’ choice –     If you are manufacturer it is the most significant thing before producing something you have to care about is customers’ choice. The strategy of research, analyse and produce, are to be kept in mind.
  • Build a support system –    Build an excellent team. Create a positive and healthy working environment among team because it promotes internally. Because of positive working environment the employees will pay their full attention in creating the best possible product through their dedication, as a result it will grows to the high quality.
  • Create an online presence – Nowadays everyone is present online. Everyone wants to get stuck in social media. So, create a website, page or an account on the social media for example Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, and Yammer. Social media users can see your product, or brand. Social media helps to promote your product or brand, and collect the audiences’ choices too. 
  • Invest in branding – Branding is one of the most important elements, with the help of branding, audience can recognize you and your product on the market. Therefore, you have to invest in an excellent promotional video, web design, bill board as well as nationwide marketing campaign to achieve the successful goal.  
  • Focus on your target audience – To launch any product for everyone in the vast market is quite chaotic. It will be a smart idea to produce specific products for specific groups differently. It is the best idea to bear in mind the following two points:
  • Can the customers afford it or not, if they can, which kind of customers can afford it? and
  • Is the product fit for the targeted audiences which are going to be manufactured?”


A lifestyle store is very advantageous to the people in this busiest social environment. No one has enough time to perform a better life. Everyone is seemed moving everywhere in a hurry. In this context the concept of lifestyle store is ideal. It is because,

  • We can find everything we need in a place.
  • No need to worry about its quality.
  • Good quality of customer services.
  • Meet people in a place.
  • Easy to locate.
  • A secured place for goods and individuals.
  • Creates job.

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