What do you mean by lifestyle magazine?

What do you mean by lifestyle magazine?

A kind of popular magazine, in which every news, stories, or articles are published about the lifestyle. In this magazine, you can get the knowledge of health and fitness just like how can you be healthy and fit entire your life, there can be found numerous health and fitness tips too, moreover, everybody wants to be looked unique as well as they want to be always updated with the contemporary fashion world and the knowledge regarding this can be found into the fashion magazine. The simple but significant tips regarding the decoration of home, room, and garden, etc. can be found in decoration related lifestyle magazine. Not only these types of lifestyle magazines are in existence, but there are also obviously various types of lifestyle magazines in the market, they may be as the following:

  • Men’s magazines     –       Male lifestyle-related articles, images are published in this magazine.
  • Women’s magazines         –        Female lifestyle-related articles or images are published.
  • Health and fitness magazines –    Health and fitness-related articles, tips and information are published.
  • Tourism magazines  –        All kinds of tour and travel-related articles, information, tips, and images are published.
  • Fashion magazines  –        Male and female fashion related information, articles, images are published.
  • Decoration magazines       –        Room decoration, home decoration, any other places decoration related tips, images, information, articles are published.
  • Culture magazine    –        All kinds of cultural topics related to articles, images, information, etc. are published in this magazine.

What are the well-known lifestyle magazines in the world market right now?

There are various kinds of lifestyle magazines in the world market right now. Some well-known lifestyle magazines are as mentioned below:

  • Vogue –        It is the oldest and biggest, a monthly fashion, and lifestyle magazine today. It was published in 1892 and it was the first publication. Now, it has been publishing in about 23 countries. It covers many topics such as fashion, beauty, culture, and living.
  • GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly)        –        The main focus of this magazine is male/female-oriented articles, fashion, style, movies, sports, fitness, and lifestyle. Its head-quarter is in New York city but the magazines are being published in more than 25 countries. Bear in mind that the magazine was first published in 1957.
  • Cosmopolitan         –        It is also the biggest brand name in the fashion world. It was published as the literary magazine in 1886 but later in 1965, it was converted into women’s magazines. Women oriented articles, fashion, relationships, etc. are published in this magazine. The magazines are sold in around 110 countries.
  • Marie Claire   – Marie Claire is the women-oriented magazine. In this magazine, fashion, lifestyle, and beauty articles related to women are published on a monthly basis. Although it is a French magazine, it has been publishing in more than 35 countries in 24 different languages.
  • Esquire        –        This magazine is popular among men. It has been publishing monthly whereas it was first published in 1932. It focuses on men’s fashion, cocktails, politics, celebrity interviews, men’s fashion advice, and food.
  • Glamour       –        It was first published in 1939. Approximately 2 million copies of this magazine being sold every year all over the world.
  • Elle    –        It is also a French-based fashion magazine. It was first published in 1945. In this magazine, the contents focusing on beauty, fashion, health, and amusement are published.
  • Teen vogue   –        This is the teenage version of the original Vogue magazine which was first published in 2003. The teenage readers-oriented articles are published in this magazine.
  • W      –        It is a women’s fashion magazine. It was created in 1971. More than half a million copies are sold every year.
  • Vanity fair     –        Vanity fair was first published in 1913. It is a popular magazine regarding culture, fashion, and current affairs. It is published monthly. The magazines are being published in the UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Mexico.

What is the importance of lifestyle magazine?

Lifestyle magazines are very important, it is because:

  • The magazine gives satisfaction to the readers.
  • Entertains most.
  • Gives information regarding male, or female lifestyle, fashion, hobby, culture, etc.
  • Influences societies.
  • Generates wealth.
  • Creates employment.
  • Keeps male, or female, adult, or teenager fashion updated.
  • Educates societies.

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