What are the types of golf shoes?

What are the types of golf shoes?

Only the best golf clubs/golf irons, best golf bags, and better skills are not enough to improve someone’s game of golf. Golf shoes are also considered as the most important “game improvement” tools, without which no golfers can feel comfortable and safe. Golf is a kind of game in which players must keep walking, standing in an uneven surface and they have to face different kinds of challenges such as sand, wet grass, woods, raining, mud, etc.

Therefore, golfers need to wear any special kind of shoes. They are designed to keep golfer’s feet balance from sliding around during the golf swing. Golf shoes are maybe spike-less or with spikes attached to the sole of shoes. The spikes are usually made of metal or plastic. Spikes are also called cleats made of plastic are soft and metallic spikes are a little bit uncomfortable to use. The aim of designing spikes or cleats is to increase traction so as to help the player to keep his or her balance during the swing on greens, or in wet conditions.

In general, types of golf shoes are as follows:

  1. Spiked or cleated golf shoes– It features actual cleats on the outsole and made of soft plastic. It offers comfort, breathability, stylishness, and water resistance. It is useful in the wet and soft golf course conditions, which provides better stability when you are swinging.
  • Spikeless golf shoes – It features a flat outsole with rubber nubs or dimples which works as spikes. You can walk throughout the 18th holes without any problems, and spikeless golf shoes don’t damage the floor of the green too. It is lighter than spiked or cleated it.  
  • Golf boot – It is also a different kind of specific golf footwear made of water-proof materials and more breathable. It is a little bit heavier and expensive in comparison to other golf shoes. It is good to use in cold weather areas or in the winter season.  
  • Golf sandal – It is specially designed for the hot climate area golfing. It features adjustable Velcro fit straps. Its outsole provides turf gripping performance and longevity. The open and toeless design made it breathable. It can be found at a cheaper rate in comparison to most golf shoes. It is a little bit uncomfortable, it offers limited resistance and less lateral support.  

Mostly, these kinds of materials for the golf shoes mentioned below are used, to provide comfort, stability, waterproofing, durability, and guarantees the customer’s satisfaction as well.

  • Leather       –        Leather is used in some golf shoes is more breathable, more useful in the summer golfing but it is a little bit more expensive in comparison to other golf shoes. It offers a long waterproof guarantee too.  
  • Waterproof linings        –        It is water-resistant material, breathable, warmer than leather, and useful for winter play.
  • Synthetic    –        Synthetic is lighter, thinner and cheaper in price than leather but there is no doubt in providing full comfort and breathability.
  • Metal spikes        –        Metal spikes are not good because it tears up greens and worsens the fairways. Under the golf rules, golfers may not repair spike marks on the green. Metal spikes cause discomfort on the hard ground to the golfers. The use of metal spikes is prohibited in many golf courses.
  • Plastic spikes       –        Plastic spikes are very soft, safe, and comfortable to use. It has a lightweight and there are only little chances to tear up golf greens.

There are many golf shoes manufacturer companies all over the world and they produce golf shoes in various brand, among them, some popular and top brand golf shoes you have to know are as follows:

  • Callaway.
  • Ecco.
  • Etonic.
  • FootJoy.
  • Nike.
  • Puma.
  • True linkswear.
  • Adidas.
  • Oakley.
  • Dexter.
  • Walter Genuine.
  • Nebuloni.

Every golfer either men or women can buy any kind of golf shoes as your

choices of any brand mentioned above without hesitation. I would like to emphasize on your better health because there is a saying “Health is wealth”. Therefore, please do not try to compromise your health with money. Buying top branded goods is one of the best ideas. Pay more and take full enjoyment of it.

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