Mark each shelf and cardboard

Mark each shelf and cardboard

After making a storage illustration, also mark each shelf and cardboard item you own. In addition to making it easier for you to identify cardboard, this tagging also helps find cardboard that is separate from the group. This ensures that there are no “stray” items in the wrong place.

Giving this sign will also be very helpful when making a sale. If items are not marked, the transaction will be more difficult because you need to search repeatedly if not careful.

Separate between new stock and old stock

Mixing stock of goods will also create confusion in recording and calculation. Separate old stock and new stock to make it easier to calculate the amount of old stock sold and not yet sold. With this separation, you can also remove the old stock first. This is done to reduce the risk of loss due to expired products.

Perform cycle counting

Cycle counting or partial stock-taking is a method of counting that is carried out continuously or also called installment calculation. With cycle counting, you do the calculations for each item one by one on a regular basis. This method is more effective than counting all at once.

This method is quite beneficial because it will reduce hassles and confusion. In addition, you can early detect errors in stock, so it does not need a long time to make repairs. You also don’t need to spend a special time or close a shop that will actually reduce sales. Cycle counting can be done per day or per week according to the preferences of each business.

Using the Application

To make calculations faster and easier by using the Point Of Sale (POS) system or accounting application. Calculation using the POS system is easier because it is able to collect data on goods and transactions from each store or warehouse. Every consumer checkout process, whether online or offline, the product purchased will automatically be removed from the listed stock. After that, all stock data is immediately updated, so you don’t need to input one by one.

The accounting application also has a feature that helps you to count the number of items you have. Any data changes made will also automatically change all existing data. Besides this data will also go directly into the financial statements.

Now you can get them both by using Journal accounting software. The journal is integrated with the latest 5 POS software, iREAP POS Pro, Moka POS, Oktopus POS System, POS Vendor, and iSeller POS.

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