Working with Capital Credit (KMK)

Working with Capital Credit (KMK)

Working with Capital Credit or KMK is given for the purpose of developing a larger business. Therefore, in this loan, there are conditions that must be met, namely the business has a permit and is running for approximately 1 year. KMK is a short-term loan that is only one year.

In one year, the value of credit disbursement is a maximum of 70% of the total need for working capital, with collateral for the business itself. Loans can be withdrawn repeatedly at any time as long as they do not exceed the specified amount of funds. Documents that must be prepared when making this type of loan in the form of KTP, KK, savings book, income statement and proof have dependents and installments.

Venture Capital

Venture capital is a loan in the form of investment where creditors provide financing in the form of equity participation with a cooperation agreement within a certain period. The basic concept held by venture capital is the same as stock. It’s just that this given capital comes from a venture company.

Venture capital is an investment with high risk, but with high returns. Why is that? Because investors here lend to high-risk businesses and do not meet the standards of open companies to get loan capital from banks.

There are four types of venture capital that can be chosen, namely equality financing that provides direct financing, semi equality financing that provides partial loans in the form of shares and bonds, establishes new businesses and types of profit-sharing sharing agreed upon from the start. To apply for venture capital, it is necessary to prepare documents such as business establishment certificates, SIUP, NPWP, business profiles, financial statements, current accounts, and other supporting documents.

Multipurpose Credit (KMG)

Multipurpose Credit or KMG is a banking product that provides loan facilities where the borrower is required to provide collateral or collateral. Unlike previous types of loans, multipurpose loans require borrowers to provide a number of assets as collateral to creditors. In fact, this guarantee determines how much cash will be lent. The greater the guarantee is given, the greater the loan that can be received.

The bank dares to disburse funds of up to IDR 5 billion with a long period of time of more than 10 years. However, the interest rates offered are still quite high and adjust to market conditions. If the market conditions are good, the interest can be below 10%, but if the market conditions are not stable it can exceed 15%. In addition to asset guarantees, the borrower also needs to prepare several documents such as loan application forms, KTP, KK, NPWP, savings accounts, income recap, SIUP, business photos, and electricity or UN accounts.

Online Credit

One that is rife in the world of credit today is online loans. This type of loan is a money lending facility provided by financial service providers that operate online. This online loan provider is commonly known as fin-tech. Based on OJK data, the number of online loan or credit providers in 2017 has reached 100,940 with loan funds worth 2.56 trillion.

Opportunities to get loans from online credit are quite large, flexible and have simple requirements. If you want to apply for credit online, it is generally sufficient to prepare a KTP, NPWP, salary slip, and KK. The types of loan products vary and can be adjusted to their needs.

Loans from relatives

Other venture capital loans are loans from relatives or closest people. Although this loan is not as formal as a loan from a registered loan provider company, the borrower should still make a detailed proposal regarding the business being run. This is for mutual comfort and to prevent future problems because there are no clear boundaries and rules.

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