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'Bachelor' Creator Mike Fleiss Accused of Attacking and Injuring Pregnant Wife After Demanding Abortion – The Blast

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In the filing, she explains this is not the first time Fliess has said and done terrible things to her, saying, “Prior to July 4th, Mike threatened me that if I did not have an abortion, he would end the marriage. This was not the first time he had threatened a divorce during our marriage, but now, he was using this threat as leverage to force me to have an abortion.”

Laura claims he made additional threats against her, including:

  • “I am cutting you off financially Monday morning.”
  • “You are paying for everything with your money.”
  • “Next time I see you, I don’t want to see your stomach.”
  • “You have a choice, you can choose. Have an abortion or go back to Wisconsin, but you are not taking Ben.”

She continued, “Over the past several years of our marriage, Mike has made many emotionally derogatory and demeaning comments designed to demonstrate his financial coercive control over me such as repeatedly insinuating that he would destroy me with his wealth and power. Within that last year, he has verbally abused me many times telling me that I am going to end up ‘fat and single in Kenosha, Wisconsin,’ with the usual follow-up comment of ‘Good luck with that.’ He consistently would call me ‘fat,’ telling me that I need to lose weight, and berate me as being ‘lazy’ and ‘incapable.’ He has made these comments in the presence of our son Ben. The name-calling occurred on a regular basis both inside and outside our home, often in front of other people, such as our friends, my mother, and, most importantly, Ben. The continued verbal and emotional abuse have wreaked havoc on my self-esteem. I have spent time in therapy discussing the effects upon me of Mike’s demanding and denigrating comments.”

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