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AT&T's Galaxy S10 5G arrives June 17th, but only for business – Engadget

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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G is finally ready to launch on a US network besides Verizon (Engadget’s parent company), though you might not want to plan a purchase just yet. AT&T has announced that the S10 5G will be available on June 17th, but only for Business customers and 5G developers involved in the carrier’s development program. You’ll otherwise have to ‘settle’ for one of the LTE Galaxy S10 models. You do get a solid deal, at least, with a limited-run promo offering a 256GB model for the same $1,000 up front as the 128GB S10+ variant.

Service starts at $90 per month for a Business Unlimited Preferred plan with 20GB of data tethering.

AT&T was fairly frank about the reason for the limited release when Engadget reached out. This is for corporate users “seeking to be on the bleeding edge,” and it promised to offer new devices “as the ecosystem evolves.” In other words, it knows that its 5G network (like others) isn’t ready for general consumption. The provider’s true 5G is only available in “very limited parts” of 19 cities — you might not even see it, but companies and programmers may have specific use cases where the extra bandwidth matters a great deal. While it’s an important move for AT&T as 5G transitions from an experiment to a practical reality, you aren’t missing much at this stage.

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