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Apple fixes a host of bugs for iOS, Apple Watch and HomePod – Engadget

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Don’t look now, but you’ll have a lot of updating to do if you live deep in the Apple ecosystem. Apple has released updates that tackle a host of issues for iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and HomePod. For iPhone and iPad users, iOS 12.1.3 mostly addresses specific but annoying bugs. It’ll prevent photos from displaying artifacts when you send them from a share sheet, prevent some CarPlay systems from disconnecting from newer iPhones and solve audio distortion if you use external audio input devices with the latest iPad Pro. It likewise addresses a problem scrolling through images in Messages while looking at the Details view.

HomePod owners, meanwhile, may want to update ASAP. Its fix solves issues that could force the smart speaker to restart or could disable Siri.

Other updates aren’t quite so dramatic. MacOS 10.14.3 saves you time when using Kerberos TGT for a file sharing connection (exciting!), while tvOS and watchOS have received more generic improvements and bug fixes. Think of this as Apple cleaning things up to start 2019 on the right foot.







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